Why is PEKO Healthcare the right choice?
AThis is the passionate choice for a loved one that wants to be independent and remain in their home. Yor loved one might have challenges with their daily activities of living. We offer total Home Health Care with Skilled Nursing, Personal Care, Companionship, Happiness, Safety, Activities, Prepare Meals, and much more.
What is home health care?
AWorking with both patients’ and their physicians, our goal is to develop and implement a treatment plan which can be delivered in the home environment. We strive to allow our patients to recieve care, improve their health, and become as independent as possible in a familiar environment.

The services we offer include: meal preparation and clean up, ensuring the freshness of foods and beverages, light housekeeping and garbage removal, laundry and linen washing, medication reminders, accompanying medical appointments, nutrition monitoring, grocery and general shopping, errand services, bathing, grooming, toileting, incontinence care, walking, transferring and positioning of clients, safety monitoring and supervision, recreational activities and crafts, and escorting clients on social outings.

Which types of insurance do you accept?
AMedicare and Private insurance. We understand the difficulty of working with payment options and insurance companies. That’s why PEKO HealthCare simplifies the process for you. We work with our clients to provide information and support when it comes to compensation arrangements. Rest assured – PEKO HealthCare is by your side every step of the way.
Who qualifies for home health services?
AAnyone who has a new medical diagnosis or medication or a recent hospitalization may qualify. A home health evaluation will be conducted by an registered nurse to determine if you are eligible.
How soon can I receive care?
AAs soon as you have been approved, you will be scheduled for your first visit from a caregiver.
What do I do when we can no longer mentally or physically be caregivers?
APerhaps hire a geriatric care manager to guide the family through making decisions that everyone can live with. They can help with identifying alternatives, helping identify sources to cover fees, and so on.
How does power of attorney influence care, and is it important?
ANo question, securing power of attorney while your loved one still has capacity is very important. Without it, important care decisions may be delayed or completely unavailable. However, be aware that some federal agencies may NOT recognize power of attorney in some instances.
How do I receive home health care?
AAll home health care is provided under the direct supervision of the patient’s doctor.
What are my options if I can’t afford home health care?
AIncome based housing is an option, as are some assisted or independent living facilities. Their stated prices may be more than your income but if you describe your situation they may be willing to accpept a bit less. Most of the people who operate assisted living facilities do so because they enjoy it, not because it is a way to get rich.